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We want you to understand and be aware of our Privacy Policy, what information we collect, why we collect it, how we use and share your information and how you can update, manage, and delete your information. To view the full notice click here

Please note there is a delay in processing housing application forms and it is taking longer than 4 weeks. Once assessed you will recieve a letter advising of the outcome and this delay will not affect your banding date.

If applying for social housing, please ensure you read all the declarations carefully. If verification checks are done at shortlisting or interview stage and information supplied on the application is incorrect or out of date, this may affect your priority, banding date or may mean your application is no longer valid or eligible for housing.

When completing a new application you are not required to provide any proofs.

Remember: Keep your application up to date. If your application for housing is incomplete and you are top for a property, your application will be skipped and the bid will not be considered.

Welcome to Swindon Homebid

Swindon Homebid is a choice based lettings scheme allocating Swindon Borough Council and Partner Housing Association properties for social and affordable rent in the Swindon Borough.

We want you to have the best possible chance of finding a home that is right for you and which meets your housing need, however there are alternative housing options available for you to consider under  'About Us'.

If you would like to view the screen in a large scale, please click into the 'Accessibility' section above.


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21 Mar, until 26 Mar

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Starts 28 Mar, until 2 Apr
Credit Union could be the answer.
Credit Unions are owned by the people using the service; membership is based on a common basis such as living or working in a specific geographical area or working in a particular industry or for a specific employer.  In Swindon, there are two Credit...
Published: Friday 28 December 2018

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