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Expressing an interest in a property

How To Express An Interest In A Property i.e. place a bid

Properties to rent are available to bid from midnight on a Wednesday to midnight the following Tuesday every week. You can look at all available properties via Properties and Recent Lets Search on this website.

You can bid in one of the following ways:

  • Online through our website. Login using your housing application number and the date of birth of the main applicant.
  • By telephoning our 24hour automated bidding line on 0845 270 1179
  • Bid in the One Stop Shop in Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon assisted by a Customer Service Advisor.

You will be able to bid for a maximum of one property during the time they are advertised. Bids will not be accepted after midnight on a Tuesday. You will only be able to bid for a property that is suitable for your family size.

How much rent will I need to pay in advance for a Swindon Council property?

  • You will need to pay a minimum of one weeks rent in advance.
  • If you intend to pay fortnightly, then we’ll need a fortnights rent in advance
  • If you intend to pay your rent monthly, then we will need a month’s rent in advance

What if I claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit?

You will still need to pay one weeks rent in advance.

Where are properties advertised?

The newsletter showing vacancies is advertised in several locations, these are as follows:

  • Council's Reception at Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon SN1 2JH
  • Citizen Advice Bureau, Sanford Street, Swindon
  • Highworth Town Council Office, Highworth, Swindon
  • local hostels and other community facilities

A copy of the newsletter is also available in Calne, Chippenham, Cricklade, Marlborough, Purton & Royal Wootton Bassett Libraries. 

How long is the bidding cycle?

The bidding cycle starts on Thursday at 00:01 and closes on Tuesday at 23:59.

As soon as we are given formal notice that a property is due to become vacant we will advertise it.

Please be advised there is no bidding on Wednesdays due to shortlisting.

What information will the property adverts contain?

The adverts will tell you the landlord, location, bedroom size, and type of accommodation, rent and other features of the property. Where available a photograph of the property or a similar property type will be provided and you will be able to access information about the local area and facilities. The advert will also tell you if there are any special requirements that the applicant must meet, such as age requirements, which bands may bid for the property and which will be given priority for the property. It also tells you the number of bedrooms that applicants applying for the property need to be entitled to. If your bedroom entitlement is different to this you will not be able to bid for that property.

Please note that the rent for Council property will increase every 1st of April so the rent advertised could be different from what you would actually pay.

What does the rent for a Sheltered flat include?

The total rent per week advertised for a sheltered flat also includes service charge, heating and water charges and supporting people charge.

What is a Sensitive Let?

Some properties are advertised as Sensitive Let. Whilst the advert may not give full details of what this is, there will be restrictions as to who can be shortlisted for these properties.  For example anyone applying with a history of anti-social-behavior, drug or alcohol would not be shortlisted. In some cases there are restrictions on the ages of the applicant/s or dependents. In the case of a sensitive let there are always enhanced checks and references done to ensure that any successful bidder is suitable for that property or area. If you do not meet the sensitive let checks that are done you will not be shortlisted for that property. This should not prevent you bidding on other properties unless we inform you otherwise.

Who is eligible for Keyworker Accommodation?

Applicants working within the Education, Health, Emergency Services, Swindon Borough Council employees who are engaged with the community, Community Service workers, Armed Forces and Probation Officers are classed as keyworker. These  must be working within the Swindon Borough area and in permanent employment. To see the criterea for Keyworker click here

Can I bid for vacancies in rural areas?

No, unless you have a local rural connection with that area e.g currently live/work or have immediate family (parents or siblings) that reside there. Proof will be required first.

What is the property reference number?

This is a unique number which can be found on each advertised property.

Will I know how many other people are interested in the same property?

No, but when you place a bid you will be advised of your queue position. Your queue position may change as other applicants express their interest on the same property within the bidding cycle.

How do I express an interest (bid) in a property?

You or your advocate can express your interest or bid, as it is also known, in the following ways:

  • Login online
  • Through our 24hour automated telephone service on 0845 270 1179
  • Visiting the Council's Reception at Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon

How many properties can I express an interest in?

You will be able to express an interest in one (1) property each bidding cycle from the properties advertised that you are eligible to bid on (in other words suitable for your family). Only place bids on an area you wish to live in.  Please ensure you read the advert to check your eligibility on the criteria.

Can I change my mind when I have already expressed an interest in a property?

Yes, your bid can be withdrawn and placed on to another property if necessary as long as this is done before the bidding cycle ends (23:59 on Tuesday).